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Why is injection only intravenous? Why can't it also be intra-capillary and intra-arterial? If the card doesn't need that much detail then it should be deleted

Rejection reason

Veins are superficial relative to arteries, so they're easy to access. That's what I know for sure, but thinking about it pragmatically, arteries are traveling away from the heart and to specific extremities. They're usually most accessible near joints (armpit, elbow, knee) but by the time they reach those points, their flow is localized to a particular extremity before going back to the heart, where that blood flow be dispersed everywhere. Veins on the other hand are going to the heart.

For the purposes of the MCAT, knowing that injection is a type of drug delivery and how it differs from the other types (especially with speed of delivery) is the essential purpose. While it's either self-explanatory or common knowledge, we include it for those who still might need to study these details. For those who don't, it can be suspended

Most of these P/S cards are brief because they were hauled from the Mr Pankow deck. The brevity is convenient for review times. Adding details really comes down to "do I need to know this detail to get a question right on the MCAT?" - that's our litmus test. If there are specific details you find necessary, let me know